Concrete Sealing Is Worth The Extra Expense Because It Keeps Your Driveway Attractive And Protected

Whether your driveway is old or new, it can benefit from concrete sealing. If your driveway is brand new, the concrete has to have time to cure first, which could take a few weeks. Otherwise, concrete sealing can be done anytime in dry weather as long as the temperature is mild and in the proper range. Here's why you should have your driveway sealed and some options you have.

Why Concrete Sealing Is Worth The Expense

Concrete is a porous material which means it soaks up water and spills. That makes it easier for stains to show from oil dripping on the driveway, and it also makes it easier for water to soak in and damage the concrete. A sealcoat protects the concrete by filling the pores so water stays out.

Concrete sealing also helps your driveway stay more attractive. It isn't mandatory to seal concrete, but it can make a difference in how your driveway ages and how it looks. However, you have to keep up with sealing over the years. For example, you might need to have sealer applied every few years to maintain the protective coating on your driveway.

What Choices You Have In Concrete Sealer

One of the more important options to consider is adding grit that keeps the sealer from being slick. Unless you have non-slick sealer added, your driveway could be slippery when it's wet. Another option you might want to think about is adding color to give your driveway a unique look. For instance, you might want brown or tan for your driveway.

You can also choose among a variety of sealer types. Some are nearly invisible while others leave your driveway with a glossy finish. However, it's important to know if you change from one type of sealer to the other. That's because the original sealer may need to be removed so the new sealer adheres well.

Your driveway needs to be clean, power washed, and dry when a sealer is applied. Yet, if you switch sealer types, the contractor may also need to etch the concrete to get rid of the old sealer and help the new one adhere properly to ensure longevity.

How Often Concrete Sealing Should Be Done

The concrete contractor will recommend a good schedule for sealing your driveway so the concrete has continuous protection. The frequency varies according to the amount of wear and tear the driveway gets. The coating is slowly worn away, and if you have several cars and are always on the go, you may need to apply sealer more often than if you have a single car and work from home. For more information, contact a concrete sealing company