Sealcoating Processes For Asphalt Pavement

A tar-based sealer is typically applied at the conclusion of paving a driveway or patio. A sealant provides additional protection to fresh asphalt. It aids with extending the life of pavement, plus may improve the aesthetics of pavement.  Sealer Products And Equipment A tar-based product contains coal, water, and an emulsifier. Some products may contain additives that will thicken a sealant. A sealant is a product that a paving contractor will roll onto the fresh pavement.

Pavement Types And Modifications

Traffic flow disruptions could be indicative of damaged asphalt or illegible parking arrows and stripes. A commercial asphalt contractor will assess the pavement product that is present and make modifications to it, greatly improving the aesthetics of your property and increasing safety standards. Asphalt Versus Blacktop Asphalt and blacktop are two pavement products that are utilized on commercial property. Both of these products are dark in color, but they each contain a separate makeup.