Four Tips for New Warehouse Striping

The floor of your new warehouse is a blank slate. Due to safety codes and common sense, the floor needs to be striped and marked so that your warehouse staff can move around and work safely. Warehouse striping is very similar to road striping in that it is meant to direct foot and vehicle traffic around the warehouse in a manner that avoids accidents. The following tips can help with your striping needs.

1. Look for Durability

Warehouse lines take a beating. They are walked over all day long, not to mention the battering the floors take from forklifts, pallets, and other equipment. Paint and tape can wear off quickly, which means you have to shut down operations to re-line the floors more often. Epoxy for lining is a more durable option compared to paint and tape striping. The epoxy bonds with the floor and resists most damages.

2. Consider Visibility

The best warehouse lines are easily visible. This means you need to choose a striping material that comes in bright, reflective colors. Once again, epoxy meets this need as it is available in a range of day-glow colors. You can also opt to have reflectors installed within the lines in order to make them even more visible. Floor lines combined with physical barriers, such as movable gates, will ensure the highest levels of visibility and safety.

3. Use Color Coding

Marking your warehouse floor can be taken a step further by using color-coding to further improve safety. For example, yellow and black bars on the floor can warn that someone is entering a dangerous area and to stay alert. You can use green zebra striping to indicate pathways that are only for foot traffic -- no motorized vehicles or forklifts. People often register color before other things, so using color with your warehouse lines creates a safer environment.

4. Avoid Tripping Hazards

Some line materials can be a hazard in and of themselves. Floor tapes may seem like a quick and easy warehouse striping solution, but most tapes will begin to quickly peel up after just a few days of regular use. Peeling tape means you have ineffective lines and traffic management, but the tape itself also poses a tripping hazard. Line striping paints and epoxies won't cause this problem.

One material achieves all of the above and more -- epoxy floor lining systems. Contact a warehouse floor epoxy line marking service to learn more.