Your Short And Helpful Guide To Asphalt Paved Residential Driveways

If you are looking for the right material for your driveway, then you should consider asphalt. Asphalt is commonly used for so many things, and just some of them include roadways, parking lots, biking trails, outside playground areas, and residential driveways. If you are thinking about going with asphalt for your driveway, then this short guide on residential asphalt driveways will help. 

Options with your driveway

When you choose asphalt, you can still have other choices that can help you get the look you want. You can have the asphalt driveway divided in a couple of areas by concrete, with decorative stonework between the concrete divides. The end result will be a dark and sleek asphalt driveway with a couple of bands of decorative concrete and stone that make it even more aesthetically pleasing. This is just one example of ways you can transform an asphalt driveway into a work of art. 

The longevity of your driveway

When you are thinking about the type of driveway you want, you want to consider how long a lifespan you can get out of the material you choose. Consider whether you can reinforce it over the years to help keep it durable longer. Think about how easy repairs will be if they are caught early. Consider how well the material will handle the weather conditions in the area you are in. 

When it comes to asphalt, you will be able to get decades from it with the proper upkeep. Sealcoating is something you want to do every few years or so that will help keep it looking nice and also help it stay strong much longer. If there is a repair issue with asphalt, it can be taken care of easily when caught early. For example, cracks can be filled quickly and this will prevent the damage from spreading further. Asphalt handles extreme heat well, and it can also stand up to freezing temperatures. With routine sealcoating, it will be able to withstand any amount of rain the clouds in your area decide to empty on it, and it will handle triple-digit highs and the bright sun fine. 

The maintenance of your driveway

While you are going over the considerations of asphalt, you also want to think about regular maintenance. With lighter materials, any oil and grease leaks will show up and become eyesores. Mud and dirt will be a constant threat against the light driveway as well. 

With asphalt, those small oil and grease stains will be camouflaged. The dirt and mud can just be hosed right off the driveway, and it will look great again.

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