A Comparison Of Parking Lot Surfaces And Why Asphalt May Be Best

If you are looking for the right surface for your business's parking lot, then you should consider going with asphalt paving. So you can see the benefits asphalt would offer, you should compare it against other common surfaces, such as dirt, gravel, and concrete. This article will take a look at these four surfaces and help you to see some reasons why asphalt is a great choice. 

Regularly cleaning and maintaining the parking lot

When it comes to keeping the parking lot looking good, you want a surface that's going to be easy to clean and maintain. 

Dirt - Dirt is dirt and this means there is no cleaning it. However, maintaining it can be difficult because it will frequently get holes that need to be filled in order to prevent people from tripping and injuring themselves. 

Gravel - Gravel can be difficult to keep clean because it can't be easily swept or hosed down to clean. When debris gets left on it, such as things like candy wrappers, drinking straws, discarded packages, and anything else, everything will need to be picked up by hand and piece-by-piece. This is time-consuming and hard on one's back. 

Asphalt - Asphalt is the easiest to clean and maintain. It can be cleaned just by hosing it down, by using a push broom, or even by using a leaf blower. It's also easy to maintain because having it sealcoated every few years or so will keep it in great condition. 

The curb appeal of the parking lot

Curb appeal is important to a business. When you have prospective customers driving up to the business, you want them to get a good feeling as they pull up, not wonder if they should go somewhere else instead. 

Dirt - Dirt does not help curb appeal. In fact, it can be an especially large turn-off when it's raining because no one is going to look forward to walking through mud. 

Gravel - A gravel parking lot won't look great either. The daily use of the parking lot can quickly turn a gravel parking lot into one that's more of a half dirt and half gravel one. Also, walking through gravel can be difficult and it's easy to twist an ankle on. 

Asphalt - An asphalt parking lot can be a great-looking one. Especially if it has been sealcoated how it should be. The paint of the parking spaces can look bright, and the asphalt can look nice and sleek. 


Now that you have read the information on the different types of possible surfaces for a parking lot, you likely see the benefit of choosing asphalt.