How To Repair Asphalt Holes

Asphalt, for all of its great qualities, is susceptible to forming cracks and holes. Like any other ground surface option, the strength and durability of any asphalt surface depend partly on the subsurface. Voids or run-off underneath an asphalt surface can weaken it. But asphalt is perhaps better than any of the alternative materials in that it is so easy to bolster and refresh the surface with an overlay. You also have the option to patch and repair just the damaged section with various asphalt patch compounds that are sold over the counter.

This article looks at the difference between applying a comprehensive overlay or simply repairing the damaged area with an asphalt patch. It should help you figure out which approach will be best for your property.

The Ease of Patching

The most important thing to know about patching is that is the cheapest option. In fact, it can even be a basic DIY project as long as you don't have too many damaged areas. The patching compound, as well as all of the tools needed for its application, can be bought at pretty much any home improvement store. Of course, if you are doing your own work, it will be a much cheaper project. But, if you have holes that are bigger than the size of a basketball or cracks that are wider and deeper than just a few inches, the patch compound won't be the most efficient or long-lasting solution. Also, you have to remember that patches are aesthetically pleasing as overlays. The patched areas will stand out with a different color and texture than the original asphalt.

The Beauty of A New Overlay

For many, the best thing about applying an overlay is that it makes your surface look brand new. You don't have to worry about unsightly patches that age your property. As mentioned, an asphalt overlay will cost more than patching, but it will be a more permanent fix. Since a professional crew will apply the overlay, they will also be able to reinforce the surface. In fact, they will often patch larger holes before applying the overlay. So, even though it will cost more out of pocket, an overlay might very well be worth the extra investment.

Regardless of how you choose to repair your asphalt, it is always better to do it sooner rather than later.

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