Protecting Your Asphalt With A Seal Coat

If you are to effectively care for your asphalt driveway, it will need to be protected. Seal coating the asphalt is an essential step in caring for asphalt, but some homeowners may not utilize these coatings due to a lack of familiarity with this process or a lack of awareness of the benefits it may offer.

Sealing The Asphalt Can Reduce Damage From Moisture Intrusion And Chemical Damage

Moisture is one of the primary sources of wear that your asphalt driveways will face. Over time, the effects of regular moisture exposure can be very damaging to the pavement. For example, it is possible for this exposure to lead to the asphalt becoming very brittle. This brittleness can increase the chances of cracks forming. Additionally, oil and other fluids from your vehicles can contribute to this problem. However, a seal coat will act as a protective barrier between the asphalt and these substances.

Sealants Can Help To Preserve The Color Of The Asphalt

Fading can be an issue that dramatically changes the appearance of your asphalt driveway. Over the years, this fading can cause the asphalt to turn from a rich black color to a faded gray. The intense light from the sun can play a major role in this process as it will be able to bleach these pigments. Many seal coat products are capable of blocking the most intense waves of light before they can reach the asphalt and cause bleaching to occur.

The Asphalt Should Be Thoroughly Cleaned Prior To The Sealcoating Process

Before applying a seal coat to an asphalt surface, it needs to be thoroughly cleaned. Any dirt, oil, or other substances on the surface of the asphalt can interfere with the application of this coating. Using a pressure washer can be a quick and effective option for thoroughly cleaning the asphalt prior to applying the seal coating. These tools will spray the surface of the asphalt with a jet of water that is strong enough to remove stubborn dirt and chemical residues from the surface of the asphalt as well as the small crevices that may be on its surface.

The use of seal coats can be an effective way of minimizing the amount of wear that your asphalt surfaces will experience. Unfortunately, failing to appreciate the ways that seal coats can benefit the pavement and the need for the surface to be thoroughly cleaned can provide you with more of the insights that you need to understand this aspect of caring for your property.

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