Beyond The Driveway: Three Unique Uses For Asphalt Around Your Property

Asphalt doesn't just have to be used in your driveway or walkways. There are many different ways a paving service can improve the land around your home, and a few creative ideas can provide your family with functional outdoor space while increasing your house's curb appeal. Use the following ideas as inspiration when you're ready to give your front or back yard a style update. 

Stamped Asphalt Paver Patio

Stamped asphalt pavers can create a decorative look for a traditional patio, offering a style upgrade for an older concrete patio space. You can select from a variety of designs, including brick-style pavers for a traditional look or ornate paver patterns for a modern upgrade. This application provides durability for a long-lasting addition to your outdoor space and requires less maintenance than traditional brick pavers. Pavers can be used to create patios of virtually any size, so you don't need a large yard to add this design element to your home.

Kids' Playground

If you have little ones, you may want to create an entire playground space in your backyard. Using colored asphalt lets you add a bright, fun look, and the asphalt can be used to anchor swing sets, slides, and other equipment for stable and permanent placement. Your paving contractor can even work with different colors to create a pattern on the ground around the play sets. For example, you could add red or blue as the primary color for the playground and have a yellow or green walkway added inside, which would lead to all of the main elements of the play area. Use the stamped paver idea from above to create a yellow brick-like road for a fun themed design or simply choose one solid color to complete the playground. 

Half or Whole Basketball Court

Depending on the available space in your yard, you might even want to add a full or half basketball court. This takes the hoop out of your driveway and provides a dedicated area for you or your children to practice each day. Colored asphalt can be used in this application to create a more professional look, and you can even borrow the colors from your favorite pro or college team to show off your fandom in your outside space. Work with your paving contractor to determine the right placement and grading before setting up your court, and consider paving extra space around the court to accommodate chairs or benches. With this additional space, you can provide seating for mini tournaments hosted right in your backyard. If you have an extremely large backyard, consider creating a dual tennis court and basketball court with asphalt to accommodate even more outdoor activities. 

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