3 Critical Driveway Repair And Replacement Signs

Residential driveways most likely have to be replaced at some point. Homeowners can extend the lifespan of their driveways by getting routine paving services. There are several things that can lead to the deterioration of paving. Some of the things are not able to be controlled by the homeowner. There are other things such as paving maintenance services and repairs that homeowners can seek as soon as they notice problems. The following points identify a few things that indicate a new driveway is needed.


The older a driveway gets, the more that the property owner can expect it to start to show signs of deterioration. Properly maintained driveways can last a few decades. Homeowners should not view a faded appearance as a sole sign that a driveway needs to be upgraded. Paving contractors have other solutions that they can implement such as sealants that may renew the appearance and extend the lifespan of driveways.

Drainage Issues

This is a phenomenon that can happen when driveways are uneven or when their design includes a slope. Water may drip and pool in the center or in multiple smaller areas of the paving. The standing water issue will inevitably lead to future paving damage if the drainage issue is not addressed. Cracks and other imperfections such as divots will likely form in the areas where the ponding usually occurs. This issue may result in a need for a new driveway that is designed to eliminate the drainage issue. Paving contractors have a variety of solutions that can be implemented in a new driveway to divert water away from driveways.

Noticeable Damages

Cracks are usually the first sign of paving damages. Homeowners who dismiss the significance of cracks put themselves at greater risk for complex damages in the future. Minor cracks need to be filled to ensure that they do not become larger cracks. Cracks expansion can lead to other damages such as alligator cracks and potholes. Driveways may get exposed to substances that can cause cracks to worsen. Common substances are oil, salt, water, and gas. Water exposure may be due to precipitation and can cause worse cracks during cold seasons when paved surfaces expand and contract due to thaw and freeze cycles.

A paving professional is a good resource to use to understand more about driveway installations and materials. Getting a new driveway is about more than improving curb appeal. Damaged driveways can damage tires and vehicles. They can also be a liability if someone gets injured by an incident such as tripping or stepping in a pothole and twisting their ankle. 

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