Paving Your Company's Parking Lot with Asphalt

Having a paved parking area can help to make your business more appealing to customers and easier to access. Whenever your business is on the verge of investing in this improvement to its grounds, there can be some important planning steps that you will need to be prepared to oversee.

Ensure The Asphalt Pavement Is Sufficiently Thick

Making sure that the pavement is poured sufficiently thick is a critical aspect for creating a paved area that will be as durable as possible. Unfortunately, asphalt that is poured to be too thin can be far more likely to surfer cracking or other damages due to being unable to support the weight of the vehicles that are parked on it. During the initial consultation, you may need to provide your asphalt paving contractor with an estimation as to the number and type of vehicles that will be using your parking area so that they can create a paving design that will be capable of meeting these needs.

Have Line Markings Painted On The Newly Paved Area

To keep your parking area orderly and optimized, it is necessary to have these areas painted with lines. In addition to marking the spots where cars can park, you will also need to ensure that the driving lanes are clearly marked. Failing to have this done to your parking area can increase the chances of there being an accident on your property. A professional parking lot painting service will be able to complete this in as little as a single afternoon, but the paint may need several hours to dry before it is ready for use. Furthermore, this painting will need to be done once the asphalt has fully hardened to prevent the lines from becoming distorted or warped by the cooling asphalt.

Clean And Monitor The Asphalt For Signs Of Damage

After your parking lot has been paved with asphalt, you will want to take proactive steps for reducing the wear that it experiences and address the damages that it could suffer. At regular intervals, your parking lot should be pressure washed to remove fluids and other substances that have gotten on it. Furthermore, this will provide an excellent opportunity to evaluate the asphalt for cracks or other problems that will need to be handled by professional asphalt paving contractors. This simple and routine care will allow you to keep your new parking lot in good condition for a decade or longer before resurfacing or replacing it might be an issue that you need to prepare to have done to it.