Why Shouldn't You Wait To Seal Coat Your Parking Lot?

Your parking lot is more than just a functional and practical part of your business. While your parking lot's first role is to provide your customers with easily accessible parking, it's also part of your image. In many cases, new customers will notice your parking lot before any other part of your business, and a poor first impression can lead to a lasting negative one.

Seal coating is the best option to beautify, restore, and maintain your parking lot, but some business owners may try to save money by waiting as long as possible to schedule this critical service. No one likes to spend money unnecessarily, but seal coating your business's parking lot sooner rather than later is often the best and most financially-sound decision.

What's the Harm in Waiting?

You might realize that your parking lot looks a little worn, but does that mean you have to pay for a seal coating job right away? The answer, unsurprisingly, is "it depends." Seal coating too frequently can have some adverse effects since old sealer will build up on the asphalt surface like paint on a wall. When this happens, the coating can peel or create other unsightly blemishes.

However, waiting too long is far more harmful. Seal coating benefits your parking lot in several ways, including protecting the asphalt from oxidation, providing resistance against automotive fluids and oils, and stopping water from entering cracks. Over time, these problems harm your parking lot, causing damage that will require more extensive repairs to correct.

The longer you wait to replace your old seal coat, the more likely your parking lot will begin to wear out more quickly. You may also have more significant problems with frost heaves and other issues that arise from water intrusion. While you may be able to repair some of these problems, you'll still spend more money over the long run and reduce your asphalt's usable lifespan.

What Should You Do?

Although overzealous seal coating can cause issues, the reality is that few business owners perform this job often enough for it to be a problem. Instead, it's far more common for both commercial property owners and homeowners to wait too long to add a new layer of sealer. In general, you should plan for a seal coating at least once every three to five years.

If you're not sure, working with a reliable asphalt paving company is the best way to determine when your parking lot could use a touch-up. A professional paver can inspect your asphalt to look for problems and assess the condition of your sealer. By contacting a pro when your parking lot starts looking a little worn, you can determine if it's finally time to give your asphalt a little much-needed TLC.

Reach out to a paving contractor if you'd like more information on asphalt seal coating.