4 Treatments Needed To Preserve Your Asphalt Pavement

Asphalt pavement is one of the more frequently used surfaces, as it is used for driveways and roads, which typically bear considerable weight daily. Over time, asphalt may deteriorate and lose its ability to handle traffic effectively. This can lead to potholes, cracks, and other damage that needs to be resolved through repair or replacement before it causes major problems. Here are preservation techniques to help ensure your asphalt pavement lasts for decades:

Regular Maintenance

Regularly scheduled maintenance helps preserve your asphalt pavement's lifespan and keep it in good condition. For example, you need to sweep regularly to remove dirt and debris. Additionally, ensure that you clean up oil and fuel spills immediately to prevent staining that can make the pavement aesthetically unappealing. If unchecked, such spills can penetrate the underlying layers, leading to cracks on the surface and, eventually, the formation of potholes.


This maintenance task is conducted to protect the asphalt pavement from the elements. An asphalt contractor will apply sealcoating to the surface of your asphalt pavement, which helps prevent dust and dirt from sticking to it. It also prevents water from seeping into cracks in your pavement and causing them to expand as time goes on. The contractor performs sealcoating either by brush-applying or spray-applying, depending on the type of surface you have and the volume of traffic it experiences.

Sealing Cracks

If a crack develops on your asphalt, immediately sealing it is crucial, as this helps prevent water from penetrating the pavement and resulting in more damage. A professional will also make sure that the sealant is evenly applied because if it is applied incorrectly, there could be issues of water percolating underneath your parking lot or driveway.


This is the process of repairing asphalt pavement to fill a hole or crack, prevent further damage to the surface, and extend its life. Professionals may also use a patch to replace damaged layers of asphalt with new ones so that an area can be re-paved. The contractor will advise you on how long to wait after patching before using your pavement as usual.

Asphalt pavement may be an effective and cost-effective addition to your property, as it's easy to maintain and can withstand the elements for many years. Nonetheless, it is prudent to speak to an asphalt paving contractor to ensure that your pavement serves your property effectively for decades and to get comprehensive guidance on proper maintenance.