Improving Your Commercial Business's Parking Area With Decorative Concrete

If you own a commercial business and want to ramp up the area where your customers park their vehicles, you may have thought about adding decorative features directly to the concrete. Here are some innovative ways to use concrete decorations to improve the appearance of your parking area. These additions may also increase sales from those who frequent it.

Incorporate Your Company Name Into The Concrete

Hire a concrete company to place down a new concrete layer complete with the inscription that you provide to them to be added to the surface. Use your corporate logo, name, or a small picture to be stamped into the concrete in key areas. Use this at the base of each parking spot so visitors know that they have arrived at the correct location. Remind those visiting about the importance of your business with this subtle yet subliminal message seen when they walk through your parking area.

Add Color For A Memorable Touch

Jump outside the norm and spruce up your lot with the addition of color. Instead of bland gray concrete, have a commercial decorative concrete company tinge the medium with a hue you desire. Use the themed colors of your business to match your outside area. Consider using more than one color to boost the energy and happiness level of all who visit your establishment. This process is easy for workers to incorporate into your parking area and will provide an aesthetically-pleasing area for all who walk upon the concrete.

Showcase Favored Customers In A Stylish Way

If you have customers who have gone above and beyond in providing your business with donations or sales, show your appreciation by making a lasting impression right in your concrete parking area. Use the power of stamped concrete to add lettering to spots where people walk frequently. They will read the information presented to them, and perhaps increase their own monetary exchange with you in hopes that they also will have a permanent spot on your property.

Use Shapes Rather Than A Smooth Slab

A commercial decorative concrete contractor not only places concrete as a smooth surface, but can also add peaks, bumps, or shaped stones to present a whole new surface to your parking area. Use this type of decorative feature along the edges of your lot rather than upon the driving surface. Customers will enjoy the power of uniqueness as they walk into your business to take a look around.