3 Ways An Asphalt Paving Contractor Can Improve The Quality Of Your Commercial Driveway Paving

Installing commercial asphalt driveways often seems easy until it's time to get the job done. Many DIY attempts often end up with rough and unappealing surfaces. That's why it is always important to involve a reliable contractor when installing asphalt driveways. Are you wondering how experienced asphalt contractors achieve quality results? The following are the measures an asphalt paving contractor puts in place to improve the project outcome. 

1. Using the Right Mixture 

The aggregate used in commercial asphalt paving often contains sand, crushed stone, and gravel. The size and shape of these contents often determine their ability to create an even and smooth surface. An imbalanced aggregate mixture might leave little airbags that create entry points for moisture to seep into the pavement and make the surface crack. 

If you use round-shaped stones, they will not bind well with the asphalt and tar. As a result, the pavement will likely crumble at the top and have an uneven finish. Asphalt contractors prefer to use sharp-edged stones to give the mixture a firmer texture. The trick is to find round and medium-sized aggregates that will produce a smooth that is not slippery. The contractors have enough experience and skills to determine the right materials for your commercial driveway project. 

2. Blending In Enough Asphalt 

Another great way professional contractors ensure surfaces are smooth is by using the right amount of asphalt to bind the components. The asphalt also has to be thick and hot. The perfect consistency allows the asphalt to seep into all the spaces between aggregates, creating a solid surface when it cools. Failure to use enough asphalt might create a rough or uneven surface. However, contractors can also repair the surface to make your commercial driveway paving smooth. 

3. Compressing the Commercial Driveway

Have you ever come across a rough and uneven commercial driveway? If you hire an inexperienced contractor, you might have an uneven surface with loose aggregates dispersed over the surface. Foot and vehicle traffic often dislodge the loose stones on the surface. This problem might rise when the driveway is not compressed with a roller. Competent asphalt contractors understand that compression is an essential step when installing commercial asphalt driveways. The process eliminates air sacks left between the asphalt and stone particles. The contractors do this immediately after pouring the hot asphalt to ensure the mixture dries right on time without air pockets. 

If you are worried that you might end up with a rough and uneven surface, consider hiring asphalt paving contractors. As shown above, working with experienced contractors helps you avoid mistakes and increases the chances of getting quality and appealing commercial driveways.