Pavement Types And Modifications

Traffic flow disruptions could be indicative of damaged asphalt or illegible parking arrows and stripes. A commercial asphalt contractor will assess the pavement product that is present and make modifications to it, greatly improving the aesthetics of your property and increasing safety standards.

Asphalt Versus Blacktop

Asphalt and blacktop are two pavement products that are utilized on commercial property. Both of these products are dark in color, but they each contain a separate makeup. Asphalt is a form of crude petroleum. Bitumen, sand, and aggregates (crushed stones) are used to make an asphalt blend. The blend is viscous and flexible. Blacktop contains crushed natural stone and bitumen.

Although both asphalt and blacktop contain similar components, the percentage of the materials that are mixed together in either asphalt or blacktop is different. Asphalt takes on a gray color when it dries. Blacktop tends to sparkle more than asphalt. Asphalt is a preferred paving material for parking lots, parking garages, and driveways. This is due to the sound-muffling qualities that asphalt possesses. Asphalt is durable and can be patched rather quickly.


Your paving contractor will consider the layout of the pavement on your property, to determine if modifications need to be made to its design. For instance, if you own a fast food establishment, you may need to have a new layout added if the current one doesn't support the flow of traffic that uses the drive-thru service that you offer. If the curvature of the lanes leading to the drive-thru interferes with the layout of the parking lot, a paving contractor may suggest that the parking lot be widened.

The contractor may also suggest that new striping strategies be used. Striping can be angled, allowing vehicles to enter the drive-thru in a more natural manner. All of the proposed modifications will be discussed with you during a formal inspection process that your contractor conducts.


Drainage issues, holes, and cracks will be assessed too. These problems can become monumental unless you take action and have various patching and grading processes conducted. Avoiding repairs could result in damage to vehicles or the possibility of vehicular accidents occurring. This could lead to being sued by a patron. It is in your best interest to have your contractor complete a series of comprehensive services that will restore the paved surface. The lot will not only look great but may also bring in more customers to your business as well.

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